Sung R. Kim, Attorney at Law

Sung R. Kim grew up in Longview, Texas and has lived here all his life. As a graduate of both Longview High School and Baylor University, he has an intimate connection to his Longview Texas community and our local legal system.

As a Korean by birth, Sung understands and appreciates diversity and what everyone in our community deserves when it comes to a fair and successful life. His many working relationships with other local attorneys in Longview grant him a keen perspective on the issues his clients will face as they enter the courtrooms of East Texas.

Sung cares deeply about his clients, shouldering their burdens whenever possible in order to help them through the most difficult times in their lives. As counseling makes up a major portion of his job as an attorney, he regularly identifies their issues and offers his expert advice to ensure they won’t need his services again in the future. Friendly, gregarious, and approachable, Sung is rarely contentious – unless the situation calls for it. Then, he is as committed and persistent as necessary until he reaches the greatest possible solutions as he navigates the law and courtrooms of East Texas as an advocate for his clients.

Sung has dedicated his professional life to the practice areas of criminal law, personal injury, wills and probate, and family law. In many cases, he offers free consultations for clients in need of a strong ally in the legal system Gregg County (Longview, Tx) and surrounding areas. For more information on Sung R. Kim, Attorney at Law, contact our offices today.



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