I always get this question, “should I have a will?” The short answer is, “YES! Absolutely. Without a doubt. 100 percent.” Having a will is beneficial in so many ways that it doesn’t make sense to live your life without one.

Why is it a good idea?

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Well for one, you’re not leaving your heirs wondering about what you would have wanted and who gets what after you’re gone. Having a will gives your heirs sort of a road map as to what to do with your stuff once you’re gone and can no longer tell them what to do.

It’s also good to keep certain people out or certain special people in. Have that good for nothing son that’s never doing anything with his life? Well, you can choose to not leave him a dime. Have that friend that’s been there with you since day one? Legally that person would not get anything from your estate, but with a will you can leave them your favorite coffee mug or your entire bankroll, it’s up to you.

Financially speaking, it keeps your estate from having to do something expensive with your fortune. If you don’t leave a will, and let’s say you have a sizeable amount of assets, it’s going to make the probate process expensive. And most likely it’s going to get paid out of your estate. Meaning you’re leaving less to your heirs.

The last reason why you want to do this is because wills are relatively inexpensive. A lawyer can draw up a simple will for you in no time and can execute it in a couple of hours or less. This small investment of time can potentially save hundreds and even thousands in probate proceedings.

Not to mention, it won’t leave your loved ones wondering what to do with all your property. Look, all your family thought you were the smartest person around while you were alive, now, you can make them think that you are still the smartest person even after you’re long gone.

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