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The state of Texas is particularly tough on crime – if you are arrested, your future may be in jeopardy. At the law firm of Sung R. Kim, Attorney at Law, our lead attorney was raised and educated in East Texas, giving him an intimately familiar understanding of how criminal cases are handled in our local court system. Sung works to make positive contributions to his community through ardent criminal defense work every day. Regardless of the severity of your charges, he is committed to helping you receive a fair trial and vigorous defense for your due process rights.

Aggressive, Effective Representation

No Matter the Criminal Charges

If you are facing a serious criminal charge, hiring a skilled defense lawyer can be a game changer for your case. Sung focuses on examining all the details of your arrest and looks for opportunities to exploit weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. Our Longview Tx law firm has handled a broad range of criminal defense cases, both misdemeanors and felonies, including:

  • DUI lawyer
  • DWI lawyer
  • Murder
  • Domestic violence
  • Aggravated assault
  • Drug charges, both possession and trafficking
  • Marijuana possession cases
  • Drug charges

It is critical to work alongside an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Longview Texas from the beginning of your court case. The sooner our law firm can assess your legal circumstances, the sooner we can develop a criminal defense strategy with a better likelihood of a positive outcome for your court case.

Criminal Defense Tailored To Your Needs

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The Law Firm of Sung R. Kim offers our clients robust criminal defense services based upon their individual circumstances. We are based in Longview, Texas and serve clients throughout Gregg County and Harrison County. To set up your free initial case review with our attorney, contact us today.



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