If you wish to secure the future of your loved ones, your wisest course of action is to write a will. As a written instruction on who will take possession of your assets, pay any final bills, and appropriately distribute your assets, a will is the most effective means of ensuring your family is protected when you are gone. The most effective way to handle this process is to hire a knowledgeable attorney to handle the will, estate planning, and probate process. Sung R. Kim, Attorney at Law, has the expertise to guide you through the complexities of validating your will and handling your estate.

Expert Probate Attorney in Longview, Texas

As an expert on probate and estate law, Sung can provide crucial assistance in administrating the contents of a will as well as navigating the complexities of the Longview, Texas legal system. He is adept at the process and can counsel with and guide executors, trustees, beneficiaries, heirs, surviving spouses, and children through the probate process that is applicable to their particular circumstances.

There are many situations where it becomes necessary to hire a probate lawyer, including when:

  • Your estate value exceeds the threshold of Inheritance Tax
  • The decease did not leave a will behind
  • A relative doubts the validity of a will
  • The deceased assets are held in complicated arrangements, like Trusts
  • A bankruptcy has occurred
  • There are foreign assets or properties involved

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If a family member of loved one has recently died, you may have specific legal rights, options, and obligations when it comes to handling probate issues in the Longview, Tx area. Our local office makes it easy for you to reach out for an initial consultation with our lawyers to consider your probate or potential probate dispute or litigation. Contact us today to learn more about the probate process in your situation.



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