America is a land of second chances. We all deserve a second chance. Sometimes you really are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes you do end up becoming guilty by association. Sometimes you do just make plain dumb mistakes.

If you do make such a mistake, there is a fix for that. Texas provides first time offenders a means to avoid a rigid punishment schedule because you know...everyone makes mistakes. Most Texas courts are sympathetic to first time offenders. For individuals that meet certain qualifications, there is a program known as pretrial intervention or pretrial diversion.

Make sure to have someone advise you properly on whether you qualify for such a program. Certain knowledgeable attorneys, such as myself, can help you navigate this process. My office can prepare your intervention packet in a manner that increases your odds of gaining approval and our relationship with the state of Texas, courts, and knowledge of the law can help increase your chances.



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